Asia has been the focus of sustainable economic growth in recent years. Its economies, as a group, are expected to weather the current period of turmoil better than others, creating enormous growth opportunity for businesses which are positioned correctly. Yet, there are numerous potential obstacles to achieving corporate growth objectives in Asia, including the rising cost of labor, fierce competition from local and global firms, inflationary and deflationary pricing pressures, and unfamiliar regulatory and cultural conditions.

The Asia Pacific region is rich in nations with vastly different cultural heritages reflected in economies that also differ greatly.Figuring out strategically how to approach and penetrate each market requires precise knowledge, sensitivity, and an extensive local professional network.Too many North American and European companies attempt to enter the region without paying sufficient attention to the specific prerequisites of each local market, while others do so only superficially.

Balaban Associates helps companies effectively enter markets in Asia for the first time and expand existing footprints there.   Balaban Associates' proven methodology includes:

  • Analyzing individual markets, identifying short and long-term opportunities in each one, and developing appropriate market-entry strategies
  • Identifying prospective local acquisition targets or joint venture partners and performing associated in-depth due diligence
  • Proposing appropriately nuanced acquisition strategies suited to each market
  • Devising win-win solutions for clients looking to partner with local businesses
  • Initiating relations and negotiating agreements with national and local governments
  • Recruiting and screening local management, developing talent and devising effective management retention strategies.
  • Assessing local distribution networks and developing a successful distribution strategy in each market