Balaban Associates offers cross-border strategic advice to corporate and financial services clients whose operations or aspirations include an Asia component.    Whether your firm is interested in establishing a foothold or expanding its footprint in Asia or is an Asian business seeking to move into the North American or European market, Balaban Associates can provide effective, proven guidance in realizing those goals.   

For 25 years, Mike Balaban has successfully helped businesses develop and grow across national, cultural, linguistic and geographic boundaries.   Although it is generally accepted that businesses must operate locally in off-shore markets, few advisors are adept at helping companies simultaneously expand in new markets, remain flexible in localizing overseas operations, and yet maintain head office standards.   Balaban Associates understands these basic needs and will help you manage them.

Balaban Associates will:

•  identify the best opportunities and particular prerequisites for operating in various overseas markets

•  develop effective strategies for market entry and penetration

•  open doors by establishing good government relations and identifying and introducing local business partners

•  demonstrate your firm's reliability as a potential partner for local governments or businesses, and

•  help penetrate foreign markets, despite local business practices & standards that differ greatly from those in your home market

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(917) 532-6264